Friday, November 28, 2008

Who is a Mainliner?

Welcome to the Mainline Express. Who is a Mainliner? The Mainliner lives in the fat part of the curve. As the saying goes, stand in the middle and you will get run over.

The Mainliner does not blindly follow any group on the edges. The Mainliner is less likely to say "I am a Republican.", but might well say, "I agree with the Republicans this time." The Mainliner is not a feminist, environmentalist, libertarian, etc. but may agree ad hoc with any of them on the merits.

In short, the Mainliner is independent minded and does not make decisions simply because of the identity of the proponents or opponents.

I do not mean to suggest that Mainliners are necessarily stubborn folk. Not at all. In fact, the Mainliner has a capacity for tolerance of other views, because the Mainliner strives to see all sides.
Mainline also has a context in religion. Indeed, the main line protestant denominations contain many of the characteristics of the Mainliner. They are the middle of the road compared to the Evangelicals on the right and the Unitarians on the left. Mainline religion is fair game on this site.

Are you a Mainliner? Here is a test worthy of the Parade Magazine designed to identify your Mainline tendencies:

1. When you vote, do you split your ticket rather than pull the party lever?
2. Have you voted for at least one candidate from each major party in previous presidential elections?
3. Are you willing to read articles or listen to speeches by persons who take positions that you disagree with?
4. Do you attend a movie even though you disagree with the politics of the star (e.g. Jane Fonda or Mel Gibson)?
5. Are you willing to change your mind on an issue because time has proved your initial judgment was incorrect?

Mainliners answer "yes" to the above questions. This site will discuss a variety of subjects for your consideration. If you want to bring up new and different subjects for Mainline consideration, please do so.

Welcome aboard!


bscduke said...

I am indeed a mainliner. I look forward to coming and reading more. Langston alerted me to your work, and so I will make it a regular stop on my daily tour through the blogosphere. Amelia and I hope to see Warren and Monteray in Nashville over New Year's. Best to all of the Stablers.

Brad Spencer

Elizabeth said...

I guess I am a little young to be a mainliner, since I've only voted in one election. Also I'm far too liberal to be middle of the road. However, whatever my personal beliefs I think the world should generally be middle of the road. I think no matter what you believe you should be open to change in your own opinions. More importantly you should listen to those who you disagree with,because how can you truly take a stance on something without knowing all sides of the equation? Unfortunately with politics and religion we sometimes let emotion rule, instead of having a genuine political debate.

I've just started reading your blog (I meant to earlier, but I think I'll get through the better portion of it tonight), I would like to show you two videos on the debate on gay marriage. They aren't really debating, but I think they're interesting sides to the argument