Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A New Testment Psalm (Mumbai)

Our minister recently challenged each member of a small study group to write our own Psalm. I was consumed with the Mumbai tragedy at the time, as revealed in the previous posting. Here is my Psalm:

Blessed are those who delight in the Lord; for they shall find the Kingdom of God.

The Lord loves all his creatures and not just the righteous, not just the faithful.

The Lord loves the forlorn, the forgotten, as well as those who do not know the Lord.

The Lord loves those who see through a broken glass or who profess to know the Lord when they see nothing.

The Lord weeps when we fight and kill each other in the name of the Lord.

The righteous love the Lord, and know that the Lord asks them, even commands them, to love one another, that is, to love the good and the bad people, to love the people who know God and those who do not.

Then where are the righteous? Why do the Lord’s children kill and terrorize their brothers and sisters, all in the name of the Lord, in Mumbai, in Zimbabwe, in the Middle East?

Why do the people of Gaza pray to Allah with a bomb in their hand?

Who mourns over the Mother’s loss of her baby in the West Bank, when the fatal bullet was shot in the name of Yahweh?

We who are blessed, the Lord will teach us to be righteous?

We who are righteous, the Lord will teach us to be loving?

We who are loving, the Lord will teach us to know how to love.

Blessed are those who delight in the Lord, for they shall learn how to love.

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bscduke said...

I hope to use your blog to inspire my father-in-law to do the same thing...although he doesn't visit the internet a bit. Any idea how I can nudge him in that direction?

Brad Spencer